Summerhill Services Ltd

Transport Services

We support both in-house and contracted-out services managed by BSMHFT staff such as clinical teams. The contractual, operational and financial aspects of our transport operations are carefully managed by both clinical teams and SSL staff accordingly, to ensure a joint approach which meets both service-quality and contractual needs. 

SSL Plus 5

Managing Transport Solutions Including Fleet Management

We manage the full BSMHFT and SSL fleet which consists of around 65 vehicles. From small vans, to medium vans, tail lift utility vehicles, standard and specially adapted minibuses, and a small cars. SSL’s fleet are used by various SSL and BSMHFT departments, incuding ICT, Estates, Grounds & Gardens Porter Drivers, Patient Transport and clinical teams across all BSMHFT & SSL Sites. 

Pharmacy, Oxygen, Post and More

SSL has a team of porter drivers working under experienced supervisors and the use of a fit-for-use vehicle to for General Transport (GT) purposes. We transport various items around BSMHFT & SSL Sites; including Pharmacy, Specimens, Internal and External post, Post External, Medical Records, Oxygen supply and more. 

Non-Emergency Patient Transport (NEPT) and Taxi Services

The NEPT service uses our porter drivers and supervisors to drive purpose-built vehicles, to transport Service Users to and from BSMHFT & SSL Sites and external locations.

We also handle taxi service bookings, both in-house and with the BSMHFT primary taxi provider.

Management and Distribution of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Our team of drivers bring their vast experience in distributing PPE and health and safety equipment into the fore, particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic. We ensure all PPE gets delivered safely and securely. Our transport officers liaise with our PPE warehousing supervisors to log supply and uphold assurance around PPE distribution. 

COVID Sample Management and Distribution

We use our drivers and supervisors to manage transport logistics for the movement of COVID-19 antibody tests and blood samples from site-to-site, using safe vehicles that support careful storage of sensitive or fragile items.