Summerhill Services Ltd

Sustainability, Carbon and Environmental Services

SSL lead on the Environmental Sustainability agenda on behalf of BSMHFT. SSL have worked to ensure that the Energy and Waste services afforded to the Trust are compliant and deliver optimum financial and environmental benefits – for instance ensuring that electricity is procured from ‘green’ sources.  SSL are the policy lead for BSMHFT on Waste Management and have succeeded in achieving a landfill diversion rate of some 98% meaning that only circa 2% of waste goes to landfill. 

SSL Plus

Constantly Innovating with Green, Sustainable and Efficient Improvement in Mind

 SSL also complete an annual Sustainability Report for BSMHFT which is published and which has been recognised by the DoH Sustainable Development Unit / NHSE as representing best practice in reporting.

Over the next 12 months SSL will be developing the new Sustainable Development Management plan for BSMHFT to focus on what the real achievable priorities are, whilst at the same time recognising the very many financial, wellbeing and social challenges being experienced at this time.