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PFI Contract Management

PFI Contract Management SSL are recognised as innovative Market leaders in PFI Management; breaking the boundaries of PFI Projects and innovative negotiations. 

This involves supporting other NHS Trusts and the Department of Health PFI Centre for Best Practice. 

SSL Plus 7

Performance Contract Management, Ensuring Quality, Value for Money and Compliance

We handle change management and achieve significant financial savings, efficiency and quality improvements in outsourced service delivery performance. We have also successfully brought outsourced services in-house where there have been cost and quality benefits in doing so.

DoH and NHSE have invited SSL’s PFI/Contract Performance Management Team to present the approach at national PFI Forums and to provide Good Practice Case Studies, covering; Major PFI Negotiations, PFI Market Testing and Benchmarking.

Exemplar PFI Market Testing and Benchmarking has been achieved successfully in 5 Market Testing/Benchmarking of PFI Services and the game changing Joint Trust/SSL/PFI Market Testing.

Managing Financial Contracts

The team has a successful track record of Major PFI Negotiations including a seven figure financial sum saving in a significant refurbishment of PFI Properties completed at Project Co’s own cost. This has been commended by both DoH and HM Treasury.

SSL provide BSMHFT with a Property Management function that ensures that property assets (freehold, leased, PFI) are managed effectively, efficiently and compliantly. This function includes, managing freehold properties, titles, data, sales and negotiating leases on behalf of BSMHFT, working directly with landlords to ensure compliance and ensuring that best value is achieved. 

Strong Financial Management of PFI Projects achieves higher and improved levels of service delivery at no extra cost to PFI partners. This provides the Trust with a strong financial position for its future PFI Projects. 

PFI Contract Liabilities, Penalties and More

SSL also manage Business Rates and Council Tax liabilities for all BSMHFT properties ensuring that properties are correctly listed and that liabilities are correct for each property. Where necessary challenges are made on behalf of the Trust in order to seek financial best value. Indeed recently by way of an example SSL achieved a rebate in excess of £50K non-recurring on just one property following a successful challenge.

PFI Contract Management Achievements

SSL have achieved a series of record Patient-Led Assessments of the Care Environment (PLACE) scores, including the National joint top score of 100% for cleanliness in the past three years, including the PFI sites.

Energy costs are kept to a minimum whilst maximising performance, thanks to years of experience negotiating with energy providers.

There is a history of successful management throughout the PFI Life Cycle, maximising performance in annual reports and at contract completion.

Where there are disputes, SSL have a successful track of negotiating settlements and when appropriate, enforcing deductions whilst still maintaining a good working partnership.

SSL have helped towards positive CQC Reports for the services and improving the environment of the facility. This pro-active property management improves safety, maintains compliance, creates good defect resolution and successful outcomes for the stakeholders. This ethos leads to an excellent experience for patients, staff and visitors when using the facilities.