Summerhill Services Ltd

Facilities Management Services

Quality is at the centre of the facilities management services we provide. We continue to develop our services to meet key service needs and continue to deliver high standards of safety, efficiency and value in operational environments. 

SSL Plus

Domestic and Housekeeping Services

A valued part of our team, our domestics and housekeepers continue to sustain a high quality in maintenance and cleaning procedures. With proven domestics’ management functions and processes that have covered 40+ sites, SSL has overseen improvements in service quality as well as smarter compliance with health and safety regulations.

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Catering Services

SSL’s ensures clients have access to good quality food and drink. We cover nutritional and supplementary needs, while taking into account allergies, cultural and other health-based and preferential needs. 

Our team ensures constant provision of culinary equipment and supplies, while adhering to the latest regulations and guidance in food standards and safety. 


The portering service we provide consists of a team of porter drivers working under experienced supervisors. From set bases, they carry out internal Portering Services that consist of:

  • Delivery of clean linen and collection of dirty linen
  • Delivery of food provisions
  • Collection of all waste types
  • Internal delivery and collection of Pharmacy, Specimens, Post
  • Sorting of Internal Post
  • Sorting and franking of external post
  • Exchanging of Oxygen Cylinders
  • Trust wide delivery of Stores with support of General Transport (GT) and Non-Emergency Patient Transport (NEPT)
  • Small internal moves

Estates Management

Our large Estates and Facilities team ensures that our Estates portfolio is effectively managed.

From contracts, to site management to energy compliance and governance, we have all the assets required to provide responsive, safe and well-managed Estates solutions.

Grounds and Gardens Services

We maintain clean and safe grounds that welcome clients into a comfortable and professional environment. 

We factor in the environment, the well-being of our clients and fire and safety route/location clearance into our grounds and gardens services, as we work to sustain a safe and healthy natural space for those we provide service to.