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Capital Project Management

As a part of our Estates and Facilities Management function, the capital projects we deliver undergo extensive review and assessment, to factor in key aspects such as environmental, strategic planning, structural specifications and more. 

SSL Plus 6

Capital Project Management at SSL

SSL is a wholly owned subsidiary of BSMHFT and is responsible for delivery of the full range of Capital Project Management services to BSMHFT.  

We review valuations and look at cost control, assess statutory compliance and consult contractors. Building specifications and architectural aspects are developed and several other features are investigated by our expert staff – on all new builds, refurbishments and other developments. 

Management of Capital Projects is undertaken in full compliance with SSL Health and Safety/Management of Contractors procedures, together with CDM regulations 2015. 


About Capital Project Management

Capital Project Management services include RIBA work stages 0 to 7, which consist of strategic definition through to operational occupation including post project evaluation. 

Capital Projects are designed in full compliance with specific mental health requirements regarding patient safety, anti-ligature, security and staff observation, together with the following statutory/Department of Health requirements:

HBN – Design and Construction

HTM – Building Services Engineering 

Capital Investment Manual – Specific DH Project Management 

Building Control – Construction and Safety 

Planning – Local Amenity

BREEAM – Sustainability/Operational Efficiency

CQC Reg 15 – Premises Fit for Specific Purpose

Development of Major Capital Schemes

From large-scale developments to multi-facility construction projects, SSL can deliver great results for ambitious projects that bring a range of service benefits. 

Staff and service needs are factored alongside change management, making sure stakeholders are confident and on-board with developments. Site entrances, car parks, grounds and more are all incorporated into a detailed approach designed to achieve optimum results. 

Procurement of Capital Projects is undertaken in full compliance with BSMHFT procurement procedures, standing financial instructions and OJUE requirements as appropriate. Consults and contractors are evaluated through framework agreement or in-house PQQ process to ensure suitability work on SSL/BSMHFT projects and sites. 

Capital Project Management 2020/21

For the Financial Year 2020/21, the Capital Project Management Team is responsible for the successful delivery of a plethora of Capital/Revenue Projects, summary of which includes the following:

Category Description Financial Value (£)
Major Projects Development and Construction of new 100+ bedMental Health Facility >80,000,000
Minor Project Substantial Alteration/Refurbishment/Upgrades of Existing Facilities >1,000,000
SSBM Projects Statutory Standards/Backlog Maintenance to Existing Facilities 5,000 - 250,000
Revenue Projects Works to Leased Premises/Equipment Replacement 5,000 - 50,000
Patient Safety Works Works to Comply with CQC Requirements/Local Clinical Risk Assessments 5,000 - 100,000

Future SSL Capital Management Projects

Moving forward in continued partnership with BSMHFT, SSL is actively involved in the initial planning and development of two major inpatient facilities:

Category Patient Group Bed Numbers Project Value (£m)
Reaside Medium Secure Forensic TBA 81,263
Highcroft Adult Acute TBA 72,039